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Shipping info:

We are continuously improving our shipment service to get your frame and motors to you as quick and safe as possible. Due to the challenging international conditions, shipment pricing may be subject to change. Don't hesitate asking if you have a particular concern.
New Motors
We are expecting the second batch of 2510 stator motors, this time with 1200 KV.
!!New Arrival!!
Improved 2812 Avengers V2 custom edition
1050 and 1350 KV
!!New Arrival!!
New Frames
Tests are running, we're even learning to make manuals and videos. This time it's really necessary, *grin..
Production files are ready
Orders starting this year


It's impossible to describe our model lineup, but easy to describe our policy:

Basically,  we're driven by our customer's wishes and innovation.

Because of this, our models undergo a constant evolution,

which doesn't mean that "your" frame will be outdated,

since you will be able to upgrade, if you wish to do so.

Things getting better doesn't make their origin unworthy,

it underlines the importance of the design decisions taken.

In our imagination,

not unlike successful sportscars,

to such frames would be attributed a "historical" or "collector's" value

Hence the pleasure of owning one

Our frames are exclusive, handcrafted small batches

undergoing rigorous quality control

Their pricing can't be compared to mass production frames,

as the effort to produce them is way higher.


!!AlmondRacing 2510 / 1450 custom motor!!

We are genuinely excited to announce our own line of motors (built by Brotherhobby Brushless Motor Company)
Built to our specs
All motors sporting extra long motor wires for easy installation
All motors will feature upgraded bearings
Exclusive, small production batches (get them while they're fresh!)
for constant optimization and optimal QC
Optimized rather for power than for weight - nonetheless,
they'll be comparably lightweight motors
(..always consider those mighty stator weights..)

Start with the AR2510 stator, @ 1450 KV-ish
with reinforced NMB 9x4x4 bearings
race-horse-motor for 6-8" props, 6s (and beyond? :-D )

Other stator sizes will follow, we'll work on the entire line