Motors and Manuals

AR8 Frame assembly video

 726 frame assembly video - pls check index

Hildagard395 Hero6 support top

 Hildagard395 Hero6 support bottom

Gkhan255 dropdeck fpv cam holder

 Gkhan255 dropdeck vtx and antenna holder

AR10 frame Manual

Motor setup diagram in preparation

Basically, the Avengers 2507 are good for heavy 6" to lightweight 8" builds

The Avengers 2812 for heavy 8" to 10" builds

The mighty 3115 T5 for insane 10" and very powerful 12" builds. (Further applications under testing)

We agree with many people sustaining that the T7 4215 motors are of seductive beauty. Basically, way too pretty for all that power. *Tsss.... ;-) Use them on 12" and 14" builds.